A concise and memorable explanation of a key business skill

Contrary to what most people seem to believe, good ideas do not usually win out in the end. Good ideas are more often than not buried as a results of an attack based on fear mongering, delay, confusion or ridicule, according to John Kotter and Lorne Whitehead in their book Buy In: Saving Your Good Idea From Getting Shot Down. The authors provide a method for responding to these types of attacks and obtaining broad support for a good idea.

The book starts with a fictional scenario demonstrating the typical objections which might be raised in a project involving obtaining computers for a community library. Characters such as Pompus Meani, Heidi Agenda and Spaci Cadetus do their best to derail the proposal, but the proposal succeeds because of the careful manner in which the objections are dealt with. Later in the book, 24 different standard types of objections are described, along with recommended ways of handling them.

Although it is not often recognised as such, the ability to handle objections in a respectful and even-minded manner is a key skill for success in business and leadership. This book provides a clear, concise, easy-to-understand and memorable explanation of that skill, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is in a position of leadership or who seeks to have new ideas adopted.

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