A practical guide to change

Most people want their work to make an impact and have a purpose, but that aim keeps getting lost because all the other stuff keeps getting in the way, according to Michael Bungay Stanier in his book Do More Great Work. It is more a workbook than a conventional textbook, filled with exercises or “maps” which the author strongly encourages the reader to complete in order to provide the necessary understanding and motivation for change.

The book and the maps take the reader through a process of examining how much bad work, good work and great work the reader is currently doing; considering various sources of inspiration and opportunities to identify options for doing more great work; prioritising to determine a great work project to undertake; creating an action plan for the project; and tackling and solving the obstacles that will invariably arise.

Most people know that they need to change in order to live more fulfilling lives, but they lack the strength of willpower and the clarity of thought required to make the change. This book is aimed squarely at tackling these issues by forcing the reader to consider the issues and fill in the maps, rather than letting the reader merely ingest information. Readers who have been struggling to find the time and energy to review their direction and life goals will find this book very helpful.

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