A wealth of social marketing tools and tips

Many business owners see social marketing as something that will change their businesses’ fortunes forever and perhaps overnight; however, they don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t get the results they expected,  according to Jeremy Goldman in his book Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize You Brand with the Power of Social Media. The book aims to give general guidelines which will help the reader to make the right decisions for his or her own business.

After discussing the continuing rise of social media and the ways in which society has been transformed, the author goes on to discuss a number of practical considerations, including:

  • Creating a social media strategy, including what your voice and personality will be like, and how you should develop engaging content
  • The differences between one-way advertising and true customer-centric social engagement
  • Managing your brand’s reputation, including how to handle complaints, criticism and crises
  • Identifying and working with key influencers, including celebrities and bloggers
  • How to staff your social marketing team and involve employees in social marketing

Just as some people are more captivated by Facebook than others, some people are more enthusiastic about social marketing than others. I suspect that social media non-believers are unlikely to be converted by this book, and most of the names, companies and tools mentioned by the author will mean nothing to such readers. On the other hand, social media believers will find inside the book a wealth of helpful information, tools and tips.

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