Finding business opportunities in India

India is a complicated, confusing place, with two dozen languages and a billion people. There are no magic formulas or simple solutions to success, but there are tremendous opportunities for the astute and prudent company in the world’s second-fastest-growing market, according to Gunjun Bagla in his book Doing Business in 21st Century India: How to Profit Today in Tomorrow’s Most Exciting Market.

The book goes on to outline opportunities in manufacturing, defence, infrastructure, consumer goods, knowledge-based services, real estate and training and education. The historical, political, cultural and economic context is described, and there are tips on cross-cultural communication, human resources, marketing, finance, legal and accounting issues, and travel and living arrangements in India.

The author runs a consultancy advising Westerners on how to do business in India and, although the book provides plenty of useful advice, it seems that success depends critically on the quality and reliability of the people and organizations that you do business with in India, so a company seeking to start business in India is well advised to invest in a trusted guide rather than just reading books. Having said that, this is a concise, informative and interesting book which I do not hesitate to recommend.


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