Good advice for handling common employee problems

Successful companies of all sizes actively and passionately show members of their workforce that the company truly appreciates and values their efforts, according to Noelle Nelson in her book Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy. Many employers automatically assume that “appreciation” equals “more money”, but money is not what keeps an employee enthusiastic and motivated to do a good job.

Some of the key ingredients in a highly motivated workforce include:

  • Employees are given clear direction, so they know what is expected of them
  • Adequate tools and training are provided and sufficient time is allowed for accomplishing assigned tasks
  • When problems arise, efforts are focused on fixing them, not on assigning blame
  • Employees are given regular, frequent, targeted feedback
  • Employees are frequently acknowledged for doing things well
  • Management exhibits a positive attitude and leads by example
  • Work is not taken too seriously all the time
  • High performing employees are not punished by being overloaded
  • Employees have plenty of opportunities for learning and growth

One of the most difficult times to keep employee morale high is when an organisation is undergoing significant change. The book includes an interesting discussion of ways in which employees can be kept happy during the change process. There is also a useful chapter on poor performance, the issues which give rise to it, and ways in which poor performers can be transformed into productive employees.

I was initially sceptical about how much useful content there would be in a book which promised “Make More Money” in its title, and as I started reading the concepts being conveyed seemed fairly basic, but then it occurred to me that simple solutions are what is needed to address the actual problems encountered in many workplaces. The book is quite short, making it ideal for busy managers who need some advice on the best ways to handle common employee problems.

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