How to create a high-return marketing strategy

For most businesses the best source of new customers is word-of-mouth referrals from existing satisfied customers, but few business managers take active steps to build on those referrals. John Jantsch sets out to remedy this in his book The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself. He outlines a range of steps which almost any business can take to obtain a significantly increased number of referrals.

A referral system needs to start with a core talkable difference and a narrowly defined ideal customer. The business needs to have something about it which makes people stop and notice, and want to talk about it. The business also needs to have an ideal referral customer, the type of customer who will have a great experience in dealing with the business and want to refer more ideal customers.

The author goes on to describe in detail how to create an authentic strategy, how to create content to use as a marketing driver, how to use both technology and personal interactions to maximise referrals, how to work with customer and strategic partner networks, and much more. The book is interesting to read and filled with ideas and information which will be highly useful to almost any business or non-profit organisation. I highly recommend it.

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