How to serve more people more effectively

To succeed in business you need to be good at what you do, but you also need to have a good network of contacts. There is both an art and a real science to developing social and business relationships, according to John Timperley in his book Network Your Way to Success. Only a small number of people excel at networking, and the book aims to describe their skills and strategies in a way which can be copied by anyone.

I was uncomfortable with some of the actions suggested by the author, such as using your existing network of relations and friends as the basis for a business network, and creating a powerful presence by paying attention to your posture and voice. On the other hand, other recommended actions, such as taking care to learn and remember people’s names and connecting well with people face-to-face, on the phone and in writing, seem to be highly important to establishing and maintaining strong relationships.

There is something disquieting about using other people for personal profit, and perhaps it is best to regard this book less as an instruction manual for manipulating other people into contributing to your success and more as a source of advice on how you can become more effective in helping and serving a growing number of people. I did not find much content in the book that is not available in other books on networking, but it does provide a handy description of just about all you need to know about networking.

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