Key marketing advice for professionals

The cover is uninspiring and the title generic, but Professional Services Marketing by Mike Schultz and John Doerr is an outstandingly useful book. Conventional wisdom says that only the top one or two firms in the market can be profitable; this book says that many highly profitable professional services firms, big and small, can be successful  in the same market. Conventional wisdom says you have to have a unique methodology and strong differentiation; this book says that there is usually very little to differentiate professional services firms.

According to the authors, good marketing should deliver new conversations with potential buyers, better odds of winning client engagements, higher revenue per engagement and client, and increased affinity with the actual and potential workforce. Effective branding increases sales effectiveness, helps generate leads, generates premium fees, facilitates repeat business, attracts top talent, and increases the value of the firm.

The book is filled with helpful advice on marketing, including the use of different communication methods (the authors strongly recommend writing a book), the importance of demonstrating value, selling with integrity, and building relationships with people you can help and who can also help you. As I read the book, I found many ideas which will be directly useful in my context, and I expect that other readers will do the same.

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