Persuading others to follow

The power of knowing how others make decisions and lean towards choices can help us influence connected behaviours for mutual good, according to Harrison Monarth in his book 360 Degrees of Influence: Get Everyone to Follow Your Lead on Your Way to the Top. Effective influence relies on our understanding of why people resist change even when an idea or opportunity serves their interests.

The book goes on to discuss:

  • Different kinds of intelligence, including social intelligence and emotional intelligence, and how you can improve your personal influencing skills
  • Different types of resistance to new ideas, and how to overcome them
  • Empathy, and how to listen actively and discover what really motivates people
  • Decision making processes and how to avoid common decision-making traps
  • How to use context and structure complex choices to influence decisions in a positive way
  • How to understand an organization’s political culture and use political influence to achieve organizational goals
  • Executive presence and the art of persuading bosses to accept you way of thinking
  • Gender differences in leadership styles and gender-related influence challenges
  • Public relations and management of organizational reputation
  • Framing issues and telling stories which paint clear and powerful images
  • Personal branding

In summary, the author has provided a useful compilation of information relating to influence, gathered from a number of different sources. There is plenty of helpful information in this book for anyone who is seeking to acquire greater influence. Although those wishing to use influence for purely selfish motives will find some assistance here, the book is primarily directed towards the use of influence for ethical purposes.

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